Girls are Human Too

 One of the key aspects to filming this documentary has been building relationships with nonprofits and gaining their trust. Non profit Shakti Samuha, has been working with us for over two years. When we went to film some of the female survivors in the shelter, it took another twelve days to gain their trust.

After several hours had passed, Chris and I should had been happy, we had just recorded some of the most important interviews yet. But we were distraught. We had just listened to terrible, real-life stories of girls being deceived, kidnapped, beaten and dragged through a life of slavery. And they were the one percent – the lucky ones who were brave enough to escape!

We couldn’t understand how traffickers, brothel owners and everyone in between could do this? How could a person deceive a family into letting their daughter go away, by promising them work – and instead sell them to a brothel where they would likely die of Aids and never see their family again?

The only way someone could do this was if they didn’t see the girls as human beings, but rather financial transactions. There was a supply and demand issue and they are the suppliers. This was not about sweet 13 year old girls, humanity, or goodness.

This was, and still is, entirely about money.

Written by: Casey