Nepal: More than Everest

For many, Nepal is a quick stop in Kathmandu, wondering the busy streets of Thamel before jumping to the real purpose of the journey: trekking in the Himalaya’s. Often tourists’ only exposure to Nepal consists of manicured tea-houses and well spoken Nepali entertaining guests. But beyond the mountains, treks and adventures are incredibly humble people who, regardless of their situation will offer a big smile to any foreigner.

Over thirty percent of the population live below the poverty line and many are desperate for work. Nepali men as well as girls are exploited. Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal houses large crowds of white-eyed, nervous men standing in lines to fly to the UAE, Qatar or Saudi Arabia. Many take just a small bag of personal items. Most of the time they are held at ransom, passports confiscated, having to pay off their debts and never paid a wage for their work. Many line up to work, risking all, since the alternative is a life of deprivation.

Inside a country of poverty lies the heart of Nepal; it’s kind, sweet, loving people. Despite not knowing your language they will not hesitate to usher you inside their home for milk, tea and dal bhat. I can’t think of a happier people in the world.

Written by: Casey