Indians Care 


In October 2012, the fatal gang rape of a 23-year-old student put a global spotlight on the high levels of sexual violence and abuse of women and girls in India. The world quickly learnt that women and girls in India lack safety and security. Alarmingly, social attitudes contribute significantly to these high rates of sexual and physical violence.

Young men and women went to the streets, and vehemently rallied that these men be tried for their crimes. People demanded that the Indian government do more to protect women. The world was watching and the Indian government acted quickly, sentencing the perpetrators to death and enforcing new regulations to protect women.

The government has had some success, but most women still don’t go out after dark in India’s capital, New Delhi. Speaking with local girls, they say, “It’s just not worth it, it’s not safe.”

New Delhi isn’t alone, many of India’s cities are equally dangerous for women.

But groundbreaking progress was made as a result of India being under the world’s microscope. This is what Stolen Innocence is aiming for – to make so many people aware of modern day slavery, that the government has no choice but to stand up and make changes. Together, this is possible.

Written by: Casey