A School in India


When I was 23, I’ll never forget the day I walked into my first school. It had opened two months earlier when I was 10,000 miles away taking exams for organic chemistry. I was unable to attend the grand opening, but would be there during Christmas break. I finished my last college exam and boarded a plane to India.

Within 48 hours I was at the school. I had to duck down to enter the small doorway, when I looked up I saw many wide-eyed children staring back at me, giggling at one another.

I said, “Good morning!” They responded quickly, “Good morning sir!”

I was overwhelmed with happiness. What started as a dream had actually turned into reality, my friends and I had opened a school in India.

The locals named the school Akashdeep, which means ‘A light in the sky’. We couldn’t think of a better name! Five years later, the schools runs full time, with 120 primary students and 5 full time local teachers.

Written by: Casey