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We launched the campaign on Thursday August 7th at 9 AM, a day we were all excited and nervous about. Many questions were racing through our heads – ‘How would our friends react?’ ‘Would they even support us?’ ‘What if they think we’re crazy?’ We pushed the button to launch the project and.. within a few minutes our friend Rebecca pledged! Woozers! That’s so cool. And then Sam pledged, and since then the $$ have been coming in steadily!



Every single time we get a backer, we get excited. Each backer is confirmation that people believe in us, and want to fight against trafficking beside us. After we pushed the button we spent the next few hours emailing our close friends and family about the campaign.  I believe this is a great litmus test before anyone starts a social campaign. Are you willing to write to your friends and family about it. If not, then you should re-think your project. That night we had our first launch party. We were happy to have Univision news be a part of the night. Chris Davis, the Director of the film had created an incredible gallery with Christie Berube Quilter. Our friends at Cotopaxi donated some great gear for a raffle and Himalayan Kitchen donated some great Indian food. We had over 100 people attend the launch. Chris and I spoke about our adventures filming and showed some clips on the film. The best part for many us was during the Q&A. We had a really engaged, passionate crowd that was eager to learn more about human trafficking in India.

photo 2-3

Q&A in Utah

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Engaged in the trailer screening

photo 5


The next day, Nicole and I flew to San Francisco, while the rest of the event crew drove across Nevada back to San Francisco. We held another launch party that night in a beautiful location overlooking the entire city. We had about 60 people attend the launch and had yet another engaged passionate crowd. Again, during the Q&A we were so impressed at the insight shown, and excitement to help!


P1050106 P1050089

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Emma and Whitney were our incredible events coordinators for both parties, amazing work!

photo 2

SF clean up crew (Event images: Tim Pitman)

It took most of the weekend to catch up from sleepless nights and 15 hour work days. After we recovered, we were pleased with our media presence. We had some great articles on national news in Idaho, (Post Register, Idaho Statesman and Channel 6 news in Boise). In Utah also, as well as features on blogs like Todays Mama and Startup Weekend with thousands of shares! I’m absolutely humbled with the support from my friends, family and new supporters we are finding everyday.

So far, we’re at $25,107, with 108 backers, and we’re the 5th most popular documentary on Kickstarter. Keep following us on this crazy Kickstarter journey.. we’re getting there!

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