Stories from the Field

When we started this campaign, we weren’t sure what to expect, having never done this before. This whole 30 days has been a rollercoaster in so many ways!

We’ve had a unique campaign to say the least. Our share rate is crazy high. We’ve reached well over 1 million people with great media and viral Facebook posts. Half the team is located in San Francisco which allowed us to tap into a larger network of bay area companies. We asked our friends at these companies to let us present the film. We went to Google, Rich Relevance, Kiva, Rocket space, Town Squared and several more. At Google and Rich Relevance we had a live stream, productive discussions, and plenty of support.

Foundations who we’d never heard about have reached out to pledge support and we’ve formed long lasting relationships with. Its also been amazing press-wise, with highlights including a Forbes interview and a Huffington Post article – Incredible!!

photo 4huffpostarticleforbesarticle

People have pledged high and low. You always hear the phrase ‘every dollar counts’ – It’s never meant so much until its your own campaign. We’ve been touched by every single pledge. Coming to the end of the campaign, the way Kickstarter works is that unless we reach $100k, we don’t get a penny. Everyone’s incredible contribution is priceless, so getting to that $100K is so important!
2 Days Left..!

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