About the Film

untold stories

Human Trafficking

“It’s the biggest emerging human rights issue for the 21st century, but it’s an awful term, a convoluted euphemism… the real issue is slavery.”



The Film


Stolen Innocence delves into a hidden world; the untold story of young women captured and forced into a life of sex slavery. Without a voice, without a choice, these girls are violently trafficked into the worlds largest sex ring.

Filmmakers Casey Allred and Chris Davis compile shocking footage and emotional interviews, uncovering the secret sex trafficking industry throughout India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Our Team

Casey Allred : Producer
Casey started in international development at the age of 19 years old leading others in life changing activities for two years residing in Albania. While attending college at Utah State University he started nonprofit organization Effect International and successfully opened a school in India. In 2013 he founded Effect.org, a social enterprise that operates affordable private schools in India.

Chris Davis : Director
Chris started his film career at the age of fifteen making award-winning short films and documentaries. At the age of nineteen he lived in Guatemala for a time, and the experience instilled further passion for travel and culture. He has worked professionally to tell the stories of people and cultures around the world through both motion and still photography. He has two decades of experience.